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2020-2021 School Year Procedures

Covid-19  FAQ

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the plans for re-opening the K-8 school campus?

A: Zion has received from both the State and County approval to re-open with in-person instruction on campus.


Q: How will Zion achieve physical distancing in classrooms?

A: Zion has many options for achieving physical distancing, such as removing unnecessary furniture from classrooms so that desks can be spread out from each other, using partitions where physical distance cannot be achieved, and the use of outdoor learning spaces when appropriate.


Q: Will parents be allowed to walk their children to class?

A: Yes, parents may walk their child(ren) to their classroom.  However, we ask that parents remain at the door and do not enter the room.


Q: Will volunteers be able to help on campus during the 2021-2022 school year?

A: We will limit guests, volunteers, and all non-staff adults, although it is something that may change throughout the school year depending on the health of our surrounding community (Orange County, specifically).


Q: Will Zion require students to wear masks at school?

A: Zion will require students, staff, and all visitors to campus to comply with civil authority. Current orders require children 2 years old and older to wear masks whenever they are indoors. Faculty and staff will wear masks or face shields at all times.


Q: Is Zion planning to offer different tuition rates if remote instruction is required?

A: At this time Zion is planning to maintain our traditional tuition structure for all students. Tuition Assistance is provided based on financial need. Faithful tuition payments provide Zion with the financial resources needed to invest in a safe and healthy school campus. Thank you for your faithful tuition payments!